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Nature’s Defence is a unique research company operating in the field of phytotherapy. It is dedicated to developing a new understanding of the way in which plants are used by mankind and the animal kingdom for their wellbeing, whilst ensuring a positive environmental impact. Most companies operating in this field are simply focused on identifying the “traditional medicinal use” of plants, then screening various species to identify the “active” medicinal components in plants, and then either patenting this entity or developing a synthetic analogue often to the detriment of the local plant and human environment. However, researchers at Nature’s Defence take a different approach. With a unique understanding of many diseases, our scientists have elucidated a number of disease pathways. Patented human and plant cell lines help us to understand the fundamental role phytonutrients play in both the plant and animal kingdom. It also allows us to reach a new comprehension of the synergies which occur in this complex area.

Natures defence is committed to elegant­­­ ­    innovation and creative thinking in phytotherapy.  Our cutting edge research is developing ­   a new understanding of the biochemistry ­   of many disease processes.


One of the first discoveries our team of researchers made was of the way in which the human body uses dietary phytonutrients.Our groundbreaking understanding of both human and plant enzyme systems has now enabled us to develop this technology to generate potential advantages back to the plant kingdom, thereby conferring benefits on the source of our discoveries and making the environment a safer place.Our profound understanding of structural biochemistry and structural phytochemistry has established the company as a leading UK research facility with a host of blue chip customers taking advantage of our expertise. This avenue of research is now resulting in the development of a new understanding of certain diseases, as well as the identification and clinical assessment of these newly discovered compounds.