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Nature’s Defence Investments is a holding vehicle for a group of wholly owned subsidiary companies. These companies are involved in the application and investigation of the natural world around us and how it can be advantageously harnessed to the benefit of mankind without over-exploiting the resources which provided these assets.

Its essence lies in a detailed scientific observation of how nature operates within us and around us and then identifying the ways in which these processes can be used to our advantage rather than attempting to control or oppose them.

Each company within NDI has a different approach to this practice. In some instances the similarities might appear obvious whilst in others it may be less distinct. But, in each, there are synergies which exist to make NDI a truly unique company both in its approach and the way in which it is organised.

In one significant area all companies share the same profile. That is in the area of excellence of research through the endeavour of outstanding individuals all especially chosen because of their dedication, skill, expertise and understanding of their sphere of speciality